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Attorney Harlan Lampkin

Attorney Harlan Lampkin’s estate planning practice focuses on helping families plan for the lives they want to lead and the legacies they want to leave behind for their loved ones. Too often, we fail to plan for the inevitable and the very real “what ifs” of life usually due to fear and a sense of helpless in terms of where to start.

Peace of mind

With a trusted estate planning attorney like Harlan, you have an advisor and a guide to help walk you and your family through multiple scenarios and ensure that you get the outcome that is best for your family. Why leave yourself and your love ones unprotected and unprovided for due to fear? You and your family deserve the peace of mind that working with Harlan provides.

Solid foundation

Harlan attended Howard University in Washington, DC on a full scholarship and graduated cum laude in 1997. After Howard, Harlan received another full-tuition scholarship to the University of Dayton School of Law, graduating in 2000. At the University of Dayton School of Law, she earned the distinction of serving as a Legal Research and Writing teaching assistant and president of the Black Law Student Association.

Serving families

After law school, Harlan worked in corporate law serving as Assistant Vice President for Legal and Governance for an international financial services company. Despite the prestige of her position, Harlan longed for work that was more meaningful and more conducive to raising her young daughter, so she began a career in her other field of passion, education. In education, Harlan worked both in the classroom and in administrative capacities serving a diverse array of students and families.

In 2014, Harlan left the education field to expand her family to include a son and to begin Lampkin Law, this time focusing on estate planning, an area of the law that allows her to still fulfill her passion for educating and helping families while simultaneously, and once again, pursuing her love of the law. Most importantly, Harlan is a proud mother to 2 beautiful children.


Here at Lampkin Law, we are not the stodgy, intimidating firm of yesteryear, but instead, we are here to partner with you in creating the life and legacy your family deserves. And truth be told, we are committed to working with your family even beyond your lifetime to ensure the legacy you have created persists for generations to come.

Flat fee billing

We do NOT bill hourly. All fees are flat fees and approved by you before we begin any work or planning for you.

We encourage communication

We encourage communication from our clients and never bill you for a phone conversation, email, or any question or need for clarification that may you have for us.

Longterm benefits

We invite you back every 3 years to review your estate plan for FREE.

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