• Parent Peace of Mind Plan

    The Parent Peace of Mind Plan is a unique plan that Lampkin Law offers for parents of minor children. The Parent Peace of Mind Plan is a written legal plan and legal documents that are in put in place now, so that, in the event that you, the parents, were to become ill, incapacitated (temporarily or permanently), or in the event of your passing away, your minor children will be IMMEDIATELY and THOUGHTFULLY taken care of and provided for.

    Without advanced proper planning, your child can be subject to:

    Spending time in the temporary custody of CPS if you were unexpectedly detained or injured in an accident.
    A judge, a court, or someone else (other than you) deciding who will raise your child if you pass away.
    Your estate and extended family spending unnecessary money, time, and effort in the Probate Court system fighting for appropriate custody for your child and/or fighting for access to your child’s inheritance to meet your child’s day-to-day needs.
    The court system unwisely giving your child an outright lump sum distribution of their entire inheritance at the tender age of 18.
    Predators who use court public records to research and prey upon naïve young inheritors.

    Planning now can make all the difference for your child. Contact Lampkin Law today at (281) 972-2113 for more information.
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  • Estate Planning/Legacy Planning

    One of the most important steps any family or parent can take is to plan in advance for the type of legacy they want to leave behind for their loved ones. Families plan for birth, childcare, college, marriage, vacations, home purchases, and retirement, but too often fail to ensure that these plans continue even through life’s tough times.

    Estate Planning (called Legacy Planning at Lampkin Law) is the art and science of planning ahead to protect those you love most and to create a legacy that provides those loved one’s the life they deserve. . . even if you can’t be here to give it to them directly.

    Lampkin Law works hard to employ an array of estate planning tools so that your financial assets, business assets, intellectual assets, and personal values live on and serve your family for generations to come. To help secure your family’s future, call Lampkin Law today at 281-972-2113 to schedule your Legacy Planning Session.


  • Medicaid Planning

    As more and more families are confronted with how to pay for the care of loved ones with long-term or advanced illnesses, and as the cost of long term care is constantly on the rise, Lampkin Law has committed itself to helping families meet that overwhelming financial burden through Medicaid Planning.

    At Lampkin Law, we work with each family to create a unique and specific game plan that will allow their loved one to qualify for Medicaid at the appropriate time. Through our thorough understanding of the complex Medicaid laws and the use of strategic planning, our clients are able to preserve much of their own estate for the benefit of their heirs while still being Medicaid-eligible when the need arises.

    Medicaid Planning has the potential to save families tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars in long-term care costs. And the financial benefit is the greatest when earlier planning begins. If you or your family has questions about when to begin planning or has a loved one in or headed to a long-term care facility, don’t wait another or lose another unnecessary dollar.


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