At Lampkin Law, we don’t believe in complicating matters. And we want you and your family to be clear, confident, and comfortable in planning for life’s “what ifs.”

    With that in mind, we begin with an initial session called a Legacy Planning Session. During this session, you will meet with Attorney Harlan Lampkin and she will LISTEN to your family’s goals and values, and then SHARE with you options for reaching those goals and furthering those values. Finally, if you decide that Lampkin Law is a good fit for your family, Harlan will SUPPORT and GUIDE you through creating a game plan that MEETS the goals and values that you articulated.

    That’s it. There is no selling or persuading you and your family of anything at Lampkin Law. Our goal is to educate and partner with you in creating the life and legacy that your family deserves.

    So, to get started with your Legacy Planning Session with Harlan, simply call Lampkin Law today at (281) 972-2113.